CanNet Telecom
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by Ka Tse on CanNet Telecom
The Worst Company in Canada

Be aware of CANNET.... unstop unstable speed. Sometimes they have NO SERVICE and all internet stopped. If you are in a rush such as buying Stock Market or making a transfer on a deal, YOU WILL LOSS.
When you contact them and they would call you back next day when the service recovered. Then they would lie you they had never have internet problem. Their customer service people will not help you but only push all liabilities and responsibilities to customers. THIS COMPANY HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL and all people work there are impolite and sliding responsibility to customer. You will be tired on using them. Even cancellation, they DON'T HAVE STORE and YOU NEED TO PAY $20.00 to mail the box back to them. The saving will not cover your mental suffering and the mailing cost once Canada Post increase the cost again.
I just cancelled this and just today their customer service people made mistake but would not take liability but saying that was YOUR PROBLEM.
Contact me if you want to know the details of their BAD SERVICES.

Phone number: +1 416-800-2323

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 A.M. –5:30 P.M.



CanNet Telecom Corporate Office Address
200 Consumers Rd Unit 505, North York, ON M2J 4R4, Canada